Beware Foreign job aspirants beware, you might get cheated

Beware Foreign job aspirants beware, you might get cheated

Beware Foreign job aspirants beware, you might get cheated

Job seekers from outside the country should exercise caution since they could be taken advantage of.

Rather than working in India, many people wish to work abroad. Many people choose to work in foreign nations because of the higher salaries and superior quality of life that they may expect there. Foreign job seekers have never been in greater demand, yet the number of scammers preying on them is growing simultaneously. Fraudsters have defrauded international job seekers out of tens of thousands of rupees on numerous occasions. As a result, exercising caution when looking for work in other nations is critical.

Fraudsters obtain the contact information of job seekers from numerous employment portals and then scam them. They even set up mock interviews and send out phony offer letters to make off with your money. We'll talk about how scammers take advantage of job seekers from other countries in this blog post.

The first occurrence is as follows:

Fraudsters recently defrauded a 26-year-old Nagpur-based software engineer of Rs 8.23 lakhs when looking for work in the United States. The victim, a native of Nagpur, was employed in Hyderabad by a large global software firm. As a result, she wrote a Facebook post on the necessity for the International English Language Testing System Certificate (IELTS) to work in the US.

Someone called her after she wrote the post, claiming to be a high-ranking official in the US administration. After promising that he would assist her in obtaining her IELTS certificate, he requested her Whatsapp photo and passport information.

A price of Rs 26,000 for the certificate was demanded after she divulged her personal information. Even after she transferred the money, she was still requested to pay for various costs. In barely three months, she had paid fraudsters Rs 8.23 Lakh. A police investigation revealed that the bank account in question belonged to an Indian.

Second Incident

According to another case, a woman from Ooty has defrauded Rs 8.36 lakh under the guise of providing her a job in Australia. In a phone conversation, fraudsters claimed to be from Australia and offered her a job. Immediately following the interview, she received a phony employment contract and an offer letter from an Australian mining firm from fraudsters. To open a payroll account, pay visa fees, and prepare documents, she needed to wire Rs 8.36 lakh.


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