How to Avoid Remote Access Scams

How to Avoid Remote Access Scams

How to Avoid Remote Access Scams

To avoid scams, use these two simple rules:

  1. Give no one you do not trust access to your electronic gadgets.
  2. Passwords and login data for internet banking should never be shared with other people.

I believe I've been scammed and want to report it.

"What's Next?"

  • Don't open anything you installed or downloaded.
  • All compromised accounts should have their passwords changed immediately.
  • Report issues and the account providers that were impacted by it (i.e., bank, credit card institution)
  • AnyDesk fraud victims can file a complaint here.

Remote access software is used by scammers in several ways.

Any time someone you don't know asks for access to your devices or requests that you download software, proceed with caution! The potential of being a victim of a remote access scam is very high for you right now. In most cases, these thieves will call and report a computer or internet problem they have identified and offer assistance if necessary Perhaps they work for Microsoft or your bank.

  • Never rely on a call you didn't expect to receive.
  • Don't rely on "assistance" that you didn't ask for.
  • The phone will never be used by a bank or organization to request that you download software.


Detecting scammers: what are the signs?

  1. Your money is what scammers are chasing.
  2. Having gained access to your device, what is their next move?
  3. The probability is that they'll make an attempt to gain access to your bank account.

They're most likely a scammer if they're remotely connected to your device and want you to get into your bank account or reveal any personal passwords to them. Their directions should not be followed. Don't believe them even if they claim to have fixed a computer or internet connection problem for you. You did not request their "assistance."

  • Keep in mind that if you are feeling uneasy or uneasy, you can:
  • Hanging up on a phone call will terminate any conversation.
  • Your device can be turned off to end a remote session.

Just visit Save From Frauds complaint portal Save From Frauds and post your issue. We’ll get in touch with the concerned entity and help you with the resolution. With an aim to spread awareness on fraudulent activities, we publish articles and videos on a regular basis.

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