Smart internet banking tips

Smart internet banking tips

Smart internet banking tips

The arrival of internet banking has made our lives pretty much easy. With the help of internet banking, you can all things from the comfort of your home. With the help of  internet banking, user can do money transfer from one bank to another, pay utility bills, book tickets, online shopping and much more. Despite the fact the number of people using internet banking is on the rise, internet banking fraud has been also increasing. Fraudsters have come up with numerous tricks to cheat people online and make quick money.

So, it is really important to be careful while carrying out any transactions online.  A single mistake online can cost you in lakhs. Save from frauds will be sharing some smart tips you need to follow to keep your money safe.

Smart internet banking tips

1. Never share your password

You must never share your internet banking password with anyone. As this password is the first layer of protection for the internet banking account, the password you set must be strong and secure. You must change your password frequently.

2. Make sure to use a secure connection

To keep your internet banking account safe, you must never use public PCs or systems to carry out any banking operations. Avoid connecting to a public Wi-Fi to carry out any banking transactions.

3. Do not forget to log out

Whether you are using your own system or a public computer, always log out after completing the transaction. In case you have used someone else's system to carry out any transactions, make sure to clear the browser history and cache. This prevents others getting access to your financial details.

4. Check your bank account statement

It is good to keep a track of your bank account regularly. Each time you make transactions with your bank account, you must check your account balance to make sure the correct amount has been debited. If you find any discrepancies, call the bank immediately and let them know about it. Even if you have not made any transactions, it is good to check your bank account statements regularly.

5. Register for bank notifications

Banks send email and SMS notifications, each time you make a transaction. This helps  keep track of your bank accounts. In the case of any fraudulent transaction, you must report this to the bank immediately.

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