Top scams that take place in cities

Top scams that take place in cities

Top scams that take place in cities

A city is a place where a lot of people live. Normally, people who live in cities are busy and prefer doing almost everything online. As a lot of online transactions take place; they are more vulnerable to cyber frauds. Each day a lot of people lose thousands of rupees in cities to cyber frauds. The cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Pune, New Delhi are most vulnerable to cybercrimes in India. In this blog, we will discuss top scams that take place in cities.

Top scams that take place in cities

1. Card frauds

Card frauds are one of the most common frauds that take place in cities. Each day a lot of people lose their money to this fraud.  Fraudsters call up people and ask them to provide details like card number, CVV, expiry date and OTP mobile number. This information is used to wipe out money from bank accounts.

To collect this information, fraudsters claim they are calling from banks or a reputed company. They use tricks like updating your card, redeeming reward points, offering refunds and so on to collect card details. The moment you provide your card details including the OTP, the money gets debited from your bank account.

2. The OLX/Quikr scam

Online portals like OLX and Quikr help sell used products. Fraudsters are using these sites to cheat both sellers and buyers. Fraudsters employ various tricks to cheat people. The most common trick used by fraudsters is they claim to be army personnel and post advertisements for products like bikes on OLX. When someone contacts; create trust by sending fake identity cards. Fraudsters ask victims to transfer a certain amount as an advance. Once the amount is transferred; fraudsters block victims' numbers.

3. QR code scam

This scam normally takes place when someone is trying to sell a product on OLX or Quikr. Fraudsters contact sellers by claiming they are interested in buying the product. They agree to the price quoted by the seller without bargaining and without even looking at the product. They say they are ready to make the payment and send QR code to sellers. Once the QR code is scanned, the money gets debited from the bank account.

4. Job frauds

This is one of the common frauds to which a lot of people lose money. Under this fraud, fraudsters contact job aspirants by claiming that the resume has been shortlisted. They simply conduct a telephonic interview and select people for the job. They even send fake offer letters to induce trust. Victims are then asked to deposit money for the training. After the money is deposited, fraudsters flee away.

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