Beware of mobile tower installation fraud

Beware of mobile tower installation fraud

Beware of mobile tower installation fraud

A lot of people rent their vacant plots for mobile tower installation. Renting out property for mobile tower installation is one of the best ways to earn additional income. When someone rents out property for mobile tower installation, they get rent each month from the telecom operators. In this way they earn steady income each month.

With the number of people using cellphones on the rise; cellular companies are expanding services to every nook and corner of the country by installing mobile towers. This has become a new opportunity for fraudsters to cheat people of hard-earned money.  Yes, fraudsters are cheating people in the name of installing mobile towers on their property and offering high rent.

How does this fraud take place?

Fraudsters contact innocent people claiming to be from reputed mobile tower companies and inform them that their property has been selected for the installation of mobile towers. Fraudsters tell victims that they will receive attractive rent each month once the tower is installed on their property.

But, in order to install the tower; landowners are asked to deposit a certain amount of money to obtain the No-Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) for the deployment of telecom infrastructure.

Some fraudsters ask property owners to deposit money in their bank accounts as tax under the Telecom Act for leasing property for the installation of mobile towers. Once the money is paid, they are unreachable and property owners won't be able to contact them.

These fraudsters even issue fake 'No Objection Certificates/Permissions' for the Installation of Tower purportedly issued by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.

There have been many cases where innocent people have lost hard-earned money to mobile tower installation fraud. So, with the intention of making people aware of this fraud, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) is sending messages to billons of subscribers informing them on the technique used by fraudsters to steal money. It has even mentioned that it is not involved, even indirectly, in the installation of mobile towers.


The message sent by Trai read" Trai does not issue NOC for installation of mobile towers,”

In case someone contacts you in the name of installing a mobile tower on your property and asks you to deposit money for the same; you must take up the matter with the law enforcement agencies.

TRAI has also stated that if anyone deals or enters into agreements with such companies/agencies/individuals; they would be doing so at their own risk and TRAI shall not be responsible for any claim or loss or damages, whatsoever, suffered directly or indirectly.

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