Save from Frauds - FAQs


Any individual or entity who has faced any kind of fraudulent activity online or in the real world can report the same on our website. This includes:

  • A registered organisation
  • An individual entity
  • A consumer who of a product or service
  • A group of customers who share a mutual interest
  • Relative or representative of an individual
  • An NGO
Aside of this, any other entity in the eyes of law who has faced any fraudulent attempts by another party online or in person.

If you as a customer or a party engaging in a transaction are unsatisfied with any product or service, or you have cheated/falsely represented into any transaction, you can file a fraudulent report with us. It is advised that you file the same at the earliest detection of the incident. Timely reporting prevents further loss and damage by the fraudulent party.

Yes, you are encouraged to submit all documents, communications and evidences to support the fraudulent report you file. The submitted proof can substantiate and add credibility to your complaint. All evidences submitted should be legible and legal.

You can register your fraudulent complaint on our portal in the ‘Report Frauds’ tab. Fill up the necessary particulars and submit all related documents and legalities associated with the fraud. Upon verification, we will add the same to our fraudulent database.

It is the choice of the complainant should they wish to keep their identity confidential. If you wish so, we will ensure that no details of your personal identification are made known in your complaints. However, for the benefit of other browsers and the world at large, we will display the nature of the fraud and the details of the opposite party. This will make other individuals aware of the fraudulent activities by the party and help keen up vigilance.

You can access our complete database on reported activities from across the world on our online portal. It is free of charge and open to all browsers. While some reported cases have all details revealed, we have kept some particulars of a few reports confidential as requested by entities involved.

We encourage parties subject to fraud from all over the world to report their incidents. Having said that, our primary focus is the India.

No, we do not comment on any remediation or damage recovery for fraudulent activities. We collate information on all frauds to increase the vigil of individuals and expose fraudulent parties. We do not comment on legal courses of action.