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What We Do?

Report Scams/Frauds To Create An Information Repository

Our firm is the one-stop shop to submit an online complaint against fraud. Once an entity has been on the wrong side of an online fraud, we help them expose their fraud and claim/elicit damages. We collect all possible information on any said fraud including the name, e-mail address, telephone number, address and the nature of the fraud. This information is available on our website for all surfers to access and up their vigilance against any possible online frauds. Our gamut of information also includes instances of second hand items fraud, online shopping frauds, coercion by companies to bracket prices, inflationary pricing etc.
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Pre-Transaction Due Diligence To Avoid Online Frauds

Through our comprehensive background checks, we amass and generate data on transaction history, financial soundness and authenticity of any party you wish to engage into a transaction with. We believe this is a critical step all parties must take in today’s world of thriving online frauds. Investing in our background checks is a great way to steer clear of all types of online fraud.
We also aim to create awareness on common processes and requisites to buying and selling products and services.

There is a tremendous need to understand:
  • * How to avoid frauds while buying
  • * How to avoid frauds while selling

These are the two most common reports of scams and frauds we receive. Both the buyer and the seller in any transaction have certain due diligence to conduct to ascertain the goodwill and sanctity of the opposite party. That is where we come in!

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How You Can Support Our Cause

We also encourage support from our patrons in terms of volunteering and joining our cause to become a helping hand against frauds. We encourage our patrons to bring to light any frauds or scams exposed in the public domain. This will make the larger public more aware and strengthen our fight against online frauds. Our initiative against online frauds began in May 2020. As we expand our expertise and resources, we aim to become a registered organization that drives the fight against online in reporting frauds and creating an ecosystem of support against fraud.

Success Stories

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