Do you want to put FASTag in your car? Be wary of this scam.

Do you want to put FASTag in your car? Be wary of this scam.

Do you want to put FASTag in your car? Be wary of this scam.

FASTag must be installed on all private and commercial vehicles in India. When a FASTag is installed in a vehicle, drivers can easily pass through toll plazas without stopping to pay tolls. When a vehicle passes through the FASTag lane, money is automatically deducted from a FASTag-linked prepaid account.

FASTag is extremely useful because it prevents you from becoming stuck at toll plazas while paying tolls. As FASTag installation has become mandatory, vehicle owners are rushing to get it done. However, many people are still perplexed about installing FASTag on their vehicles.

Unfortunately, fraudsters are taking advantage of this situation to defraud people and drain funds from their bank accounts. Fraudsters pretend to assist people in registering their FASTags to steal money. A Bengaluru resident recently lost Rs 50,000 to this scam.

This is precisely what occurred.
A resident of Bengaluru recently received a phone call from someone posing as an Axis Bank customer service representative. He got a call after complaining about his FASTag wallet not working. The caller sent him an SMS with an online form to complete to activate his FASTag wallet. The form was known as the 'Axis Bank FASTag form.' The primary goal of sending this form was to gather personal information, including the UPI PIN.

The victim was required to fill out a form with vital information to activate the FASTag wallet. The victim provided details such as his full name, registered mobile number, and UPI PIN. He submitted the form after filling out all of this information. The OTP was sent to the victim's mobile number as soon as he submitted the form, and he was asked to share it with another mobile number. Rs 50,000 was deducted from his bank account when he shared the OTP.

How can this type of deception be avoided?
1. To avoid this type of fraud, never reveal your personal information to anyone, including your UPI PIN, OTP, card details, and other sensitive information. Remember that no bank will ever call you and ask for your personal information.

2. You should be aware that FASTag registration does not necessitate the submission of any passwords or personal banking information.

3. You can activate your FASTag in two ways: by visiting your nearest bank branch or by using the MyFastag App to activate it yourself. To register the FASTag, you do not need to speak with a bank employee over the phone.

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