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Posted on December 13, 2023 by Rohit
Fraud With : Relative
Fraud Name: Mohamed Arshed
Fraud Email: arshed@iqjobsgulf.com
Fraud Phone: 7816024643

Be careful of iqjobsgulf those fake scammers. They have asked me for money 150 USD initial for finding the job. I trusted them and request to find the job. Next day, they found an university price sultan and conducted an interview, the interviewer asked questions and it was looking like a real call. You will not realize that its a fake call and everting looks real. Then they replied its fine we selected you and they asked $350 more money. So, for fast-forwarding my applications and interviews. And they pretended it's refundable and then they disappeared. They are professional liars they staged an interview pretending to be from Prince Sultan! (I have contacted Prince Sultan to warn them. They said they reported them to internet police) Be wary of their fake emails and names. Check on the internet first. Never pay money to any recruiters, if they ask you as a job seeker for money, RUN and report them and expose their games on all platforms.

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Posted on September 11, 2023 by Geeta
Fraud With : Relative
Fraud Name: Ashmita Jobs Provider Globally
Fraud Email: cc@jotor.co.uk
Fraud Phone: 9818314051

Joto service is a fraud company, they will say they can hire you but no, they will take your money and run away. Its a scam guys donot send your money.

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Posted on August 2, 2023 by Geeta
Fraud With : Relative
Fraud Name: Padmasinha VijayaKumar Patil

Fraud Phone: 9783467080

Dear, my friend has paid Rs. 10,000 to the person name Padmasinha VijayaKumar Patil – Aaadhar card number (4841 5152 3547) and his mobile number is +919783467080. This person first said in 30 minutes he will get the money doubled. but after that he was asking to pay Rs.5000/- and after that he asked to pay Successful Recharge Money of Rs.12700/- and after to that again of GST amount Rs.9700/. when he fought with him to give my money back, this guy again asked for a late fee of Rs.5200/- so that all my money will be given back. He has totally paid Rs.44000/- but after the payment this guy blocked him and did not lift his calls too. But while we fought with him he has shared his Aadhar card to make me believe that he is real and not fake(I have enclosed his aadhar card and pan). The UPI id’s which he has given him to share the amount are listed below: 7030614463@paytm – Name: Subhast Jagannath Agiwale 8369359197@paytm – Name: Pardesh Ram Taral Kindly note down and don't pay to anyone like this. Remember there is no shortcut for arning huge money.

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Posted on August 1, 2023 by Geeta
Fraud With : Relative
Fraud Name: ZEE FZE

Fraud Phone: 501583087

My friend found the advertisement with high configurations laptop from ZEE FZE Facebook page and they were giving in SAR 350 and sender sent through the naqel courier company on COD. But my friend received the chrome tab. After contacting them, they blocked the whatsapp number and number is not calling as well. This is a big scam and fraud. Now a days, a lot of frauds going on. They show you products in less or cheap price, but most of them are frauds only. Please donot buy any cheap laptops specially online, Facebooks or Dubai unless you verified properly. We want to aware people to save from these frauds or scams. Please share this with your friends and family to save from frauds.

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Posted on July 26, 2023 by Nikhil Das
Fraud With : Myself
Fraud Name: DAE Consultant
Fraud Email: info@daeconsultant.com
Fraud Phone: 67676999

They are a fraud company

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Posted on July 25, 2023 by Ankit
Fraud With : Relative
Fraud Name: Cape Breton University Canada Fake contract
Fraud Email: cbu.hire.ca@gmail.com
Fraud Phone: 6502464741

From Cape Breton University Canada, someone sent my friend fake letter on gmail and then asked to get visa from their another fake company name jp josh And now jp josh asking money for visa travel from him. All these, i knew it so i saved him and it was all fake emails and agreement even the website. I am just trying to help people, i am sharing all screenshots as well for references. Please see attached and report these fake people more and more so that we can save our hard earned money. They use below emails: cbu.hire.ca@gmail.com career@cbucan.com admin@jpjoshlawfirm.pro All are fake. Regards

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