Fraudsters take advantage of youngsters by faking CBI.

Fraudsters take advantage of youngsters by faking CBI.

Fraudsters take advantage of youngsters by faking CBI.

The Central Bureau of Investigation, or CBI as it is more often known, is India's primary investigative agency. The CBI is notable for pursuing a variety of economic crimes, particular crimes, corruption cases, and other high-profile cases. A new volunteer internship program was recently introduced by CBI. Research assistants, postgraduates, and graduates can work with the agency for six to eight weeks under this program. During the summer vacations, this internship program takes place.

A total of 30 interns are chosen for various CBI branches throughout the country. Candidates who participate in the internship program will be taught how to gather data and information and investigation strategies.

Many students are interested in participating in the CBI internship and have applied for it. Fraudsters are taking advantage of the situation by generating CBI-like adverts and sending them out via email, websites, and social media.

Students are being asked to pay money for the CBI internship program in these false advertising developed by con artists. Many naïve students have given money to these con artists, believing this to be genuine.
Fraudsters claimed in the advertisement that individuals who participate in the internship will receive a specific salary and other advantages. According to the con artists, candidates would be hired by the CBI after completing the internship program. In addition, lodging and transportation would be provided. Candidates must complete an online application and submit it with photos and fees to be considered for this program.

Following this event, the Federal Bureau of Investigation warned individuals to be wary of this type of fraud. Victims are encouraged to speak forward so that the scammers can be apprehended.
CBI has said that there are no fees associated with the internship and that those chosen for the program will be responsible for their own travel and housing expenses. It has also been verified that only a limited number of persons will be trained through this internship program and that there is no assurance of employment after the internship is completed.

According to the CBI's announcement, only 30 students will be chosen for the internship. Applicants with backgrounds in forensic science, data analysis, criminology, management, law, economics, commerce, and related fields will be given priority. According to the CBI, the applications must also be downloaded from the CBI's official academy and website. After completing the application, it must be sent exclusively by mail. The filled-out applications must be mailed to CBI Academy, SP (training department), Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh.

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