Google tips on online fraud Prevention and Hacking

Google tips on online fraud Prevention and Hacking

Google tips on online fraud Prevention and Hacking

Technology has changed our manner of doing things drastically. Today we can do most of the things online, which makes our life incredibly easy. The Internet is utilized for different purposes, including online banking, shopping, ticket booking, utility bills, etc.

Whereas more individuals are using the Internet for different purposes, online fraud is also increasing. You may have lakhs of rupees for a single error. It is therefore very vital to be attentive when performing online transactions. In this blog, we will talk about Google's security advice for internet security.

1. Set up a phone or email address recovery number
Setting up a phone number and email address for your account is highly crucial. Connecting them to your account reinforces your account's security by warning you of any unexpected behavior. If you log in from a new device or IP, you will be warned. Ensure that you maintain it updated.

2. Use a manager of passwords
People normally fight with their passwords to remember. The average user who manages more than 120+ saved passwords is struggling, according to Google. You may generate passwords and remember them securely with the help of the password manager.

3. Do not overlook notification of updates.
Notifications about software updates should be ignored or postponed. Ensure you keep updated all your programs, browsers, operating systems, and other software. You can be subject to fresh virus attacks and other online hazards if you delay or ignore them.

4. Set authentication of two factor
A further security layer allows for two-step verification. You need to submit a single code with a password to sign up for your accounts after it's activated. This makes it harder for scammers to access your account unauthorized.

5. Use Security Checkup by Google
You can find out whether any of your passwords have been compromised with the aid of the Google Security Check tool. You may even see the devices, recent security occurrences, your repeat passwords, and so on that you have signed in.

6. Remove browser extensions and unnecessary applications.
You only need to install the essential browser extensions and apps. Never have unknown source apps installed. Unknown programs can access your data.

7. Use Password Warning
You can keep your Google account secure by using a password alert. It also enables you to keep your Gmail or YouTube information protected. You will receive warnings when your Google password is used for signing in to non-Google websites by adding a password alert to your Chrome browser.

8. Register from unused devices 
You must always sign out of the devices you don't use.

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