SEBI has launched a smartphone app to assist investors in filing complaints.

SEBI has launched a smartphone app to assist investors in filing complaints.

SEBI has launched a smartphone app to assist investors in filing complaints.

Companies and organizations are coming up with a variety of efforts to make customers' lives easier. Businesses work successfully when clients are satisfied and comfortable. For the convenience of investors, SEBI has created a new facility. SEBI has just created a mobile application for filing investor grievances to increase the convenience of doing business.

This SEBI-launched app is handy for investors who file a complaint against their investment advisor or a grievance against their mutual fund house. Investors can use this app to file complaints against mutual funds, publicly-traded corporations, and other registered intermediaries. 'Sebi SCORES' is the app's name, and it's available on both iOS and Android.

The SEBI Complaints Redressal System is referred to as SCORES. Before the debut of the 'Sebi SCORES' app, there was an online SCORES platform where investors may file a complaint. The SCORES App includes all of the elements of SCORES that are already available electronically and the ability for investors to file complaints.

What is the purpose of the SEBI SCORES app?

SEBI SCORES is a mobile application developed by SEBI to assist investors in filing a complaint. Investor complaints reported through this app are sent directly to the SCORES system. Once a complaint has been lodged, it will be taken up with the appropriate entity and closely monitored.

Because investors may use their mobile phones to access the SEBI SCORES app, filing a complaint is relatively simple. This software allows investors to track the status of their complaints in addition to filing them.

How do you make a complaint against SEBI SCORES?

Both the iOS and Android versions of the Sebi SCORES app are available. Investors must register for the service after downloading the app. They must submit their PAN and mobile number when registering.

Complaints can be filed in various areas, including mutual funds, depository participants, publicly traded firms, and so on. An investment counselor, research analyst, or stockbroker can all be sued by investors.

Any company, mainly those operating as collective investment schemes, can be checked by investors. This allows investors to learn about the company's details quickly.

After submitting a complaint through the registration process, the investor will receive an acknowledgment through SMS and email to his registered mobile number and email address. Each complaint filed on the app receives an acknowledgment.

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