Stay safe on WhatsApp by avoiding these mistakes

Stay safe on WhatsApp by avoiding these mistakes

Stay safe on WhatsApp by avoiding these mistakes

WhatsApp is one of the most popular communication programmes in the world. You can use WhatsApp to exchange text messages, pictures, videos, documents, voice messages, make video calls, voice calls, share status updates, and so on. It also enables users to form groups of WhatsApp users. While it is handy, WhatsApp has one flaw: there is no concept of sending and accepting friend invitations. As a result, everyone on your contact list may locate you on WhatsApp and see whatever you share. So, in this blog, we'll go through some of the things you should avoid doing on WhatsApp in order to keep safe.

Keep your WhatsApp safe with these tips

Stopping certain activities on WhatsApp to stay safe. The first step is to remove unwanted contacts from your contacts.
As a result, you should not invite anyone to your WhatsApp account. Delete the numbers of people with whom you are no longer in contact! Block the number if you need it for anything else.

Your WhatsApp profile photo should not be visible to everyone
If you want to limit who can see your WhatsApp profile photo, you have three options. Everyone, My Contacts, and Nobody is the three categories. Sélectionner My Contact Option is a good idea. Unter dieser Einstellung, nur Personen in Ihren Kontakten können Ihre WhatsApp-Profil-Foto sehen.

Share your WhatsApp status with only a few people
Everyone in your contact list should not be privy to your status on WhatsApp. Not everyone in your contact list should see these statuses.

Whatsapp groups are private by default.
Not everyone in your contact list should be allowed to join WhatsApp groups. You can restrict who can add you to a WhatsApp group by limiting who can add you. Everyone, My contacts and My contacts except are available as options.

Two-step verification pin (optional)
Others can't set up your WhatsApp account on other phones by stealing your OTP by adding a "two-step verification" PIN.

Download all WhatsApp media files is disabled.
Deactivating automatic download of WhatsApp media to your gallery is a good idea. It takes up a lot of internal storage on your phone to download WhatsApp photos and videos to your gallery automatically. In the settings, you can disable this option.

Stop auto-backup of your chats.

WhatsApp chats are not secured in iCloud or Google Drive. It is a good idea to export critical chats and save them safely somewhere else if you wish to save them. Backing up all WhatsApp conversations consumes storage space.

Beware! Whatsapp may ban you if you do these things.

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