Suspect hidden cam in a hotel? Things you must do

Suspect hidden cam in a hotel? Things you must do

Suspect hidden cam in a hotel? Things you must do

When you stay in a hotel room, the first thought that comes to mind is, Is someone spying on you with a hidden camera? Yes, this is possible. Police recently seized an LED light set from a budget hotel in Mahabaleshwar on suspicion of concealing a hidden camera. According to the person who filed the complaint, the camera was discreetly filming hotel visitors.

In another case, a Scottish couple discovered a hidden camera inside a digital clock at an Airbnb holiday accommodation in Toronto, Canada, a few years ago. It is not difficult to install a hidden camera, and you can do it rather effortlessly. Take caution when staying in a hotel room. Installing a hidden camera in hotel rooms is a criminal offense because it breaches the individual's privacy.

If you're staying in a hotel room, it's a good idea to check for concealed cameras. In this blog, we'll outline many items you should check before checking into a hotel room.

Before settling into a hotel room, there are a few things you should do.

1. As soon as you enter the hotel room, switch off the lights, close the curtains, and darken the room. This assists in identifying a concealed night vision camera. Determine whether any red or green LEDs are blinking or glowing.

2. You must make a call while walking around the room. If a hidden camera is present in the room, there is a possibility of signal interference.

3. If an object is unusually placed in the room, take a close look. Look for small gaps in walls or other areas that could be used to conceal a spy camera.

What you must verify, The following are the items you should inspect in a hotel room.

1. There is a possibility that cameras are concealed behind expensive lights and reading lamps. Therefore, inspect them thoroughly.

2. You must inspect the television and set-top box located within the room.

3. Inspect the alarm clock's speaker or speaker mesh.

4. There is a possibility of concealing cameras in beautiful items such as flower pots and paintings. As a result, they must be checked in hotel rooms.

5. Take a look at the wall clocks.

6. Inspect the ventilation and air conditioning ducts.

7. There is a possibility that concealed cameras are installed within power connectors or sockets.

8. You must inspect the hooks or towel and hairdryer holders for the possibility of pinhole cameras being installed.

9. Conduct a visual inspection of the fire alarm and smoke detector.

10. Inspect doorknobs, drawer handles, and curtain rods.

11. Conduct a visual inspection of showers and exhaust fans.

12. Inspect walls and other areas for minor gaps that could conceal a hidden camera.

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